Polish Modern Art Foundation

The Suitcase

5 – 30 November, 2016
Exhibition Bureau / Polish Modern Art Foundation
Krakowskie Przedmiescie 16/18, Warsaw

Photographer Ali Ghandtschi and art historian Mark Giannori accidentally found a suitcase in Berlin, which contained a rich collection of private photographs of some unknown German family, dating from the late nineteenth century to the 80s. Over a hundred images became silent testimonies of history and today they are an unsolved riddle. Ali Ghandtschi and Mark Giannori, inspired by the discovery, began to ask questions about memory and history, and decided to start a game with the medium of photography and the identity of portrayed people. They asked a group of Polish writers, journalists and artists to prepare texts, associated with pictures of suitcases. Physiognomies and landscapes became the starting point to create a narrative, which was established on the basis of the image, apart from the actual history. The collected stories, essays and photographs become the basis for exhibitions and publications.

Writers: Agata Araszkiewicz, Marek Bieńczyk, Jacek Dehnel, Michał Głowiński, Łukasz Gorczyca, Ireneusz Grzyb, Piotr Siemion, Stanisław Strasburger, Tomasz Szerszeń, Magdalena Środa, Agnieszka Taborska, Agata Tuszyńska.



autorzy projektu:
Ali Ghandtschi
Mark Giannori

Agata Araszkiewicz
Marek Bieńczyk
Jacek Dehnel
Michał Głowiński
Łukasz Gorczyca
Ireneusz Grzyb
Piotr Siemion
Stanisław Strasburger
Tomasz Szerszeń
Magdalena Środa
Agnieszka Taborska
Agata Tuszyńska
Sarmen Beglarian
Sylwia Szymaniak

Polish Modern Art Foundation
Senate Chancellery in Berlin,
Federal Agency for Civic Education,
Goethe Instytute in Warsaw,
Peter-Weiss-Stiftung fur Kubst und Politik s. V.,
Polish Institute in Berlin

Archeology of Photography Foundation
Foksal Gallery Foundation

project co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw