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► Audioresidencies.
Musical Confrontations at the Keret House
Warsaw, 2016

► All three videos of the Audioresidencies [1/2/3]:

1 /// Macio Moretti + Tim Daisy

2 /// Marcin Masecki + Ziv Ravitz

3 /// Maniucha Bikont + Assaf Talmudi


Can musicians successfully work in the Keret House, dubbed the world’s slimmest house?
We organized the Audioresidencies to find out. We invited three musicians form Warsaw to take part in the project, together with three musicians invited from abroad.
Three duets in the framework of the project were formed, each of which for a couple of days worked, played and recorded in the demanding space of the Keret House. (Marcin Masecki even managed to put a piano in the Keret House.)

Macio Moretti + Tim Daisy (September 3, 2016 – September 7, 2016)
> Macio Moretti, drummer and bassist (member of Mitch & Mitch, LXMP, Shofar), graphic designer, co-founder of the Lado ABC label.
> Tim Daisy, Chicago-based drummer, marimbist, and composer working in the fields of improvised and composed music. Member of Vox Arcana, Steel Bridge Trio i Red Space, founder of Relay Records.

Marcin Masecki + Ziv Ravitz (September 11, 2016 – September 16, 2016)
> Marcin Masecki, pianist and composer, leader of such groups as Profesjonalizm or ParisTetris. Marcin co-runs the Lado ABC label
> Ziv Ravitz, israeli jazz drummer based in New York City, member of Shai Maestro Trio and many others

Maniucha Bikont + Assaf Talmudi (October 5, 2016 – October 10, 2016)
> Maniucha Bikont, ethnomusicologist, singer, tuba and clarinet player, has undertaken extensive fieldwork in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. SIngs and plays in the following bands: Dziczka, Tęgie Chłopy, as well as in the duet Maniucha i Ksawery.
> Assaf Talmudi, accordionist, pianist, producer and lecturer. Lives in Tel-Aviv. Member of the klezmer band Oy Division.

Rehearsals and recordings of all three duets took place in September and October 2016.
The videos that were created as part of the project are available online since December 2016.

Additionally, three shows were organized:
• September 7, 2016, Macio Moretti + Tim Daisy, Ladom, ul. Jazdów 7/14, Warsaw
• September 16, 2016, Marcin Masecki + Ziv Ravitz, Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny (National Audiovisual Institute), Wałbrzyska 3/5, Warsaw
• December 16, 2016, Macio Moretti + Lenar + Marcin Masecki, Project presentation and video premiere, barStudio, plac Defilad 1, Warsaw

“Musical Confrontations at the Keret House” project is organized by the Polish Modern Art Foundation.
The project is co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw.

Polish Institute Tel Aviv

Recorded and mixed by: Michał Kupicz
Videos directed and edited by: Turbodizel.
Cinematography by: Janusz Szymański
Poster: macio


The project is co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw.

Project supported by:
Polish Institute Tel-Aviv